Welcome to Bali

This was the first words we, my wife and I, heard when we set foot in Bali. And goodness was it really humid, it hits you like an old car that was parked outside of your grocery store in the middle of summer, and you put the fan on full blast. It wasnt that hot, but just very humid. We were greeted by many happy faces, each one eager to help us with our language. But we had everything booked through Club Med. With broken english the information desk said to wait a couple of minutes, he then returned with another happy face…I kid you not, everyone is so happy in Bali, and your about to find out why. But none the less, a driver from Club Med greeted us and took our bags to his car.

We arrived at Club Med, and was greeted once again with friendly faces, and introduced to a mini welcoming brief, as this was our first visit with clubmed. They gave us a wrist band, and showed us to our room, and of course we just wanted to start exploring! Even with the 18 hour flight jetlag..


This was probably our most favorite location in the club, The Zen pool…no kids allowed, We found ourselves every day here, it was truly great to just sit back and relax, and when you want to cool off just slide into the pool haha.




But what I love most about traveling is seeing the culture, meeting new people and learning new words…to be honest the only word I can remember is “Terima kasih” which means thank you. It is such a difficult language, and forget about reading it.. her is an example of the writing:



Sooo yeah, we didn’t even try unfortunitely. We arranged a guide (as the language barrier is just to crazy) to take us to a few tourist hotspots, but also to a few local places, and this is what we managed to see: We went to the Market in Ubut, Monkey forest in Ubut, Elephant tour, and a few other places, here is some photographs:


The Rice Terrace




The Ubut Monkey Forest


Elephant Tour & Coffee and Chocolate Tour


Cultural Dance


The Mother Temple

Lembongan island

And then the best for last, one day in¬†lembongan island…unfortunitely I only had my gopro with me. But this place you need to see with your own eyes, now photograph would do this justice.






If I dont stop myself, Ill be writing and sharing loads of photographs of Bali. Id really love to go back to Bali, as it was quite enriching in culture, food, and spiritual. it is quite an experience, and if you ever have the chance to head that way, be sure to do so. it is truly an unforgettable experience.

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