Unplugged weddings – Cellphones at Ceremonies

Technology these days are so amazing, I mean you have everything you need in your pocket these days! How awesome is that?! If there’s a difficult equation that needs an answer, your cellphone has the answer. If you need to get in touch with someone, your cellphone once again comes to the rescue. And when there’s an amazing moment to capture, once again your cellphone is there to save the day! And I’m a big fan of the latter…so badly that I’ve become obsessed with capturing moments. But here’s the thing. Its become very apparent the last few years that guests at weddings would rather start snapping their own shots, than being in the moment. Ive even had this one time where a guest would literally step into the isle, in front of me during the kissing moment (granted I was positioned perfectly for a different type of first kiss shot…which I got btw).