French Toast | Liam & Nicola couple shoot | Parys

“Ive met Nicola and Liam through my wife, many moons ago, and they have found a special place in my heart. Just before Christmas, Nicola approached me to book something special, a couple shoot that would represent their love for one another. And best of all…they love to travel! So what better location than a trip around Hartbeespoort dam. We started the day off with a beautiful cup of coffee, (me a coffee milkshake…even though it is winter, and Liam as wel! but the peanut butter one, and Nicola a normal cappuccino) In the heart of Parys! French Toast to be exact, a beautiful restaurant situated in te heart of Hartbeespoort dam, that was build as a setting for the film French Toast…a must see. So from there we took it as it went, here is a few photographs from their shoot.”

Stuart & Jeanika Engagement shoot

Ive known Sir Stuart for a long long time, it all started back in band days…yes we were in a band…in a garage…even made it to S.A.’s got talent’s 2nd round…But Alas We stuck as friends, and man were there some amazing times, but not as amazing as when he told me about his daughter to be: Alexa, with the most amazing woman: Jeanika. And today, absolutely breath taken away, by the privilege of them asking me to capture their special day..its unbelievable. Here are some photographs from their recent engagement shoot.

L’Aquila Wedding venue | Daniela & Leonardo | Portuguese Wedding

Sensational! Probably one of the first things that comes to mind for Daniela and Leonardo’s Portuguese Wedding! Now a little bit about this awesome couple: They met on a cruize ship! But thats not all! they have a passion for travel, been to over 12 different countries, hence the theme of their wedding being inspired by travel, the suit cases,

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Evergreen Estate | Wianri & Reghardt Wedding | Mpumalanga

Had the privilege of being part of this amazing couple’s wedding! it was absolutely breath taking, had a bit of a spooky feel when we head into the tree plantation. (It was cold and very very misty, sometimes coming down a bit with rain, and always soft wet droplets would find its way on my…