French Toast | Liam & Nicola couple shoot | Parys

“Ive met Nicola and Liam through my wife, many moons ago, and they have found a special place in my heart. Just before Christmas, Nicola approached me to book something special, a couple shoot that would represent their love for one another. And best of all…they love to travel! So what better location than a trip around Hartbeespoort dam. We started the day off with a beautiful cup of coffee, (me a coffee milkshake…even though it is winter, and Liam as wel! but the peanut butter one, and Nicola a normal cappuccino) In the heart of Parys! French Toast to be exact, a beautiful restaurant situated in te heart of Hartbeespoort dam, that was build as a setting for the film French Toast…a must see. So from there we took it as it went, here is a few photographs from their shoot.”