Ferdie and Jeanette


“Sometimes there is no next time. No second chance. No time out. It is now or never”


I am all head and Jeanette is all hart. She the extrovert that never says no for a photo opportunity or social media, I on the other hand prefer to live my life privately with moments captured in my memory.

I am a person for the detail, fussy and a bit OCD and she the go with the flow, all smiles and pleasing. And so with this challenge at hand Jeanette set out to find that photographer/artist that would tick all of the boxes. Over a coffee in the good old days before lockdown (for which I was late) I rushed into what was Bootleggers, bit flustered and still hype from my meeting that overran. Jeanette was having coffee with Daniel already. I just fell into the conversation and within minutes I felt very comfortable. There was just that chemistry, which to Jeanette and I was the deciding factor if we were deadlocked on who to pick.


We had to postpone our Nuptials three times – thank you C19; but Daniel stuck with us, and we with him because of that chemistry. (Only later did we find out about all his awards and accolades.)


On our big day he was present, but not there. That made such a difference as one could just be. Be yourself, be in the moment and actually experience your own wedding. Never did it feel like he was intruding or interrupting the flow he just blended in seamlessly. By then he had gotten to know us which also made  us feel at ease, never did it feel like  photoshoot or pictures force posed like models. His calm and engaging demeanor made  those “mandatory” pictures a fun event without detracting from US………………and when we were alone with just him it always felt like we could breath, exhale, soak in that one day, a minute at a time whilst he was working his magic.


It has now been 11 days since our BIG day and whilst he is looking us look fab working away in his studio we cant wait to see the final product. We know it will be memories captured to be remembered and shared –  that will be timeless and part of our perfect day.”

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