I absolutely cannot wait for Rujeanne and Ilse’s wedding! it is going to be magical. Wine and duschound loving couple are absolutely stunning! And they do love to travel, that is why OR Thambo was the perfect location for their e-shoot. With a little bit of paperwork here and there, and asking for a few favours, we were able to shoot at the airport, and oh boy was it fun! Heres a few photographs from their photoshoot.

_W5D6354 _W5D6337 _W5D6300b _W5D6396 _W5D6353 _W5D6407 _W5D6452 _W5D6488 _W5D6513 _W5D6594 _W5D6653 _W5D6657 _W5D6688 _W5D6723 _W5D6743 _W5D6764 _W5D6789 _W5D6823 _W5D6833 _W5D6876 _W5D6881 _W5D6891 _W5D6942 _W5D7013 _W5D7036 _W5D7043 _W5D7090 _W5D7072 _W5D7068nt shoot

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