Big congratulations to Strauss Bornman & Shanei Nel on their recent engagement! We planned the proposal with Straus to extreme detail, as everyone who knows Shanei, knows that she has a way of finding out EVERYTHING! so we set sail to Didima Lodge, Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg Mountains and enjoyed a morning spa treatment (the ladies only) and in the afternoon went for a romantic stroll in the Mountains!
Our destinations: one of the beautiful waterfalls the mountains have to offer; Doreen Falls. We set up picnic, had a few snacks, and waited patiently for the visitors to leave. As soon as they were gone, Strauss scrubbed up his inner Jedi confidence, and went down on one knee..Shanei knew what was about to happen, as in the Gopro footage, she putt down her drink haha. He got down on one knee, said very softly a few words (unfortunitely I couldnt hear them, but am sure they were beautiful) and then he popped the question, holding out the beautiful ring. In a very excited voice Shanei immediately said yes!
May your love for one another be blessed with everlasting peace, grace, and amazing adventures!
Much love my friends

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