Ive known Nicki for a very, very, very long time. and the first thing that drew us together as friends, were the music we loved. He as a fellow musician, Guitarist and Vocalist, loves Rock & Roll. But that’s not all, He loves Extreme sports, and being out there in the wild. We’ve had some pretty wild adventures.

Ansi on the other hand, very spontaneous, also adores the wild, and the outdoors. I came to know her from band sessions, and other get together’s, which was truly amazing, she was always there to support Nicki, no matter what crazy ideas he had.

However 6 months before their wedding, Nicki decided it would be a great idea to go Luge, the sport where one lies flat on your back on a long skateboard and go extremely fast downhill. Ive done this with him a few times, and must say I enjoyed the thrill of not knowing whats around the corner. But sadly He went a bit to fast that day. Slammed straight into the barrier and broke his right leg in more than 11 places(if i remember correctly). Ansie was not pleased. hehe
But he was forced to have a moon boot on his wedding day.) We still manage to pull off some great photographs, and hide the accident as much as possible.

Second Photographer: Trish Lawrie























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