Its such and honour to have someone’s love story be told across so many media channels; In part of being a good photographer is the ability to photograph someone’s portrait in a few seconds from meeting them; as their schedule is quite busy, or they are very shy, or perhaps you catch them in a moment which can only be described in a photograph. I was recently faced with this challenge where I were asked to photograph Minnie, and her fiance Quinton. And might I add, what an amazing couple, I only hd the privilege of photographing them for less than a minute, but their love for one another truly shone like a gem. We met in the gardens of Jenna Clifford, where they had her ring made with the designer; Lesley Mcknight. We chatted for a little bit and then I had the privilege of snapping a few photographs for their social media, and personal use. Little did I know that these shots would stir up the community quite a bit, as by the time of the happy snap shoot, no one knew who stole Minnie’s beautiful heart. Her instagram page when crazy with hitting over 13k likes, and over 500 comments. The media instantly took hold and these few photographs spread like wild fire. Its such an honour to be part of something so special, that the world wants to tell the story of their love.

Here are only a few articles I have found which got published.

Publications includes: You magazine, Jacaranda FM, Timeslive, Sunday times, Move magazine, People Magazine, Destiny connect, Sunday World, Eastcoast Radio.

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