A year or two ago, I got a call from Gideon; He wanted to book a couple shoot with me, but with an exception; It was a proposal in disguise. We immediately got planning, with code names, secret queues for when it was the perfect place and all so on. Initially the plan was to walk around a beautiful garden, find the perfect spot, Then send Gideon back to the car, where he hid the ring, by asking him if he will fetch a reflector that I “Forgot” in the car, and while he wouldve been gone, I would carry on and photograph Jade on her own, having her back towards his direction…BUT! the plan was foiled, and he had brought the ring with him without my knowledge…but I must say I should’ve seen the signs he gave hahaha. Jade then, who wasnt impressed with me asking her boyfriend to go fetch the reflector, was keen to do a few shots alone while we waited. It all worked like a charm.

She had no idea what he was about to do…view more of their beautiful engagement here: Gideon & Jade Proposal

Fast forward a year, and we find ourselves, after so much planning, in the beautiful Lavandou wedding venue, exchanging vows. Jade not being your average bride, with so much energy, and so much goodness in her heart, it overflows. Shes also a photographers dream to photograph! because she does not hold back any emotions! We love it when this happens. Gideon also very gifted and has amazing friends who does a little bit of parkour! We had a lot of fun, but their wedding was very very beautiful. May your love for one another be blessed with God’s grace, and amazing adventures together! We really came a long way, and Im absolutely honored and proud to call them my friends.

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Venue, Décor, Food and Flowers: Lavandou Wedding Venue http://www.lavandou.co.za/
Hair n Makeup : Twin Lifestyle 
Flower Crowns and Hairpiece: Bunches for Africa
Dress : Imago Bridal 
Bridesmaids : The Maiden 
Cake: Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream 
Suit : Trenery
Barber: Headcase 
Ties, Cufflinks & Table Gifts: Fraai Meraai 
Groomsman: Styled by Trueworths and Woolworths
Suspenders: Style It Up
Bride Shoes: Lanzilove 
Bride Prep : Wildevy Corporate Guest House
Groom Shoes and Watch : Markhams

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