What an amazing Scottish! Kyle & Sjanelle tied the knot at the amazing venue L’Aquila. It was absolutely breath taking! they even had a live bagpipe band: The African Skye Pipe Band Have a look at what they do its pretty awesome! But I absolutely loved this Scottish wedding, was one to remember!

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Venue: L’Aquila http://www.laquila.co.za/

Makeup : Erin Smylie Hair and makeup artist

Dress: Amber Rain (Benoni)

Flowers: L’Aquila Bridal Lounge

Bagpipers & Highland Dancers: The African Skye Pipe Band

DJ:  Pulse DJs

Cake: Deborah-Ann’s

Wedding Officiant: Marisa da Fonseca Wollheim

Wood Lazer cutting: Crafts 4 All (Boksburg)

Favours: Succulent Oasis

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bride & Co

    • Thank you, truly appreciate your compliment

    • Thank you, truly appreciate your compliment

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