What an fun wedding this was! Willie and Tarryn has been together for quite some time, and what better way to celebrate their wedding with good old fashioned farm wedding in one of Nigels pristine wedding venues: Gracefield Barn.
Tarryn did however decide to get ready at a beautiful guest house, not to far from the wedding venue, Sandalwood Guest house

Here are some of the photographs I’ve had the honor of photographing for them, with their two amazing daughters.

Daniel West0570

Daniel West0236

Daniel West0011

Daniel West0055

Daniel West0059

Daniel West0091

Daniel West0130

Daniel West0183

Daniel West0251

Daniel West0277

Daniel West0296

Daniel West0609

Daniel West0601

Daniel West0726

Daniel West0475

Daniel West0352

Daniel West0640

Daniel West0607

Daniel West0678

Daniel West0697

Daniel West0712

Daniel West0425

Daniel West0728

Daniel West0740

Daniel West0744

Daniel West0776

Daniel West0793

Daniel West0798

Daniel West0820

Daniel West0828

Daniel West0855

Daniel West0876

Daniel West0892

Daniel West0879

Daniel West0947

Daniel West0966

Daniel West0973

Daniel West0991

Daniel West1047

Daniel West1115

Daniel West1152

Daniel West1186

Daniel West1220

Daniel West1232

Daniel West1241

Daniel West1267

Daniel West1289

Daniel West1312

Daniel West1358

Daniel West1383

Daniel West1403

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  1. Tarryn & Willie

    Daniel, you are absolutely awesome! Never stop doing what you do! The passion you have for what you do is overwhelming and we could not have asked for anybody better to capture the moments of our special day! There are no words to describe how awesome you are and how thankful Willie and I are…………..

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