When life gives you lemons, you use them for your wedding decorations! About 4/5years ago Ive met Mariska for the very first time, she’s one of my wife’s best friends. First impression was quite interesting as it was on new years, and we literally¬†got attacked by some fireworks which wasn’t pointing in the direction it should’ve…needless to say everyone was ok, and no one injured. Few years down the line Ive learned that we had similar interests; fishing, beer, Star Wars! this girl was on fire! One evening we got a call from Mariska that she is head over heels! and it was finally time for the introduction! So we went to Chefs on Deck. Approaching the table..there sat a good looking guy, neat clothing, you could see the class and style from miles away. First impression; well educated and an absolute catch. His grammar and sentence usage was far above mine, but Ive made as if I understood everything (seeing English is my second language). BUT!! we had so much in common again! Whiskey lover, Star Wars enthusiast, and many more! we all knew that it was only a matter of time before he popped the question. They were a perfect match from the beginning.

BUT we got news, happy and sad…that our friends will be moving to Cape Town for Devon’s work…it shattered us, but we were also so glad for them. a few weeks into their new lives, he popped the question! I was absolutely thrilled, and my goodness when she popped the question to me: “Would you be our wedding photographer” I was like a kid in a candy store! overwhelmed with excitement! As you can see, not only are they great friends of ours, but they are not your average couple. This was probably the very first time that Mariska wore a dress for example! I could not have been more happy with the results of this beautiful wedding.

– Please be patient while the photographs are loading –


Venue – Galagos Country Estate

Coordinator – Samantha Kruger

DJ – Eugene

Hair and Makeup – Melissa Minne

Flowers and Decor – Royal Flowers & Functions

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