An after shoot is something we at Wedding Friends highly recommend. As a wedding day can easily be rushed and limit photographers to spend enough time with their couples, an after shoot is the ideal opportunity to get amazing shots. Daniel West Photography recently produced this stunning artwork with his couple, Kyle and Sjanelle.

Kyle and Sjanelle is a love story in another league, they have Scottish heritage and let
me tell you, their wedding was not to neglect on this. With a live bag pipes band and dancers, even Scottish weather, it was an absolute feast. Sjanelle is quite an adventurous bride who is willing to do just about anything to get that perfect moment, which is amazing because as a photographer it gives you freedom to be very creative. The day after the wedding they decided it was time to get in the pool, mind you that it was not a heated pool, nor was it summer weather, it was very cold indeed. But if theres one thing I have learned that when a bride makes up her mind, she had made up her mind. So, they took the leap.
The underwater shoot was planned to the point to create an artwork which they can forever hang on their wall, as a piece of art and Im very proud to share this work with you.


Wedding Friends – Kyle & Sjanelle Trash the dress

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