How do I enquire about a quotation and availability for a wedding date?

I absolutely love to hear from brides and grooms, so please contact me via email, or through my contact page, as my admin all runs through a mailing system. This also allows me to have everything on record, and not have any loose ends.

Please email me on info@danielwest.photo and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Mobile: +27 79 671 8966

Booking & Payments:

In order to ensure that your date is set, I require a R5000 deposit with the signed contract. The remaining amount is due no later than a month before the wedding.

Please note that I have a number of enquiries for certain dates, and can only book the date once the deposit has been cleared and all necessary documentations has been filled.

Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately not, you see, once you have booked me, through the proper booking procedure, the date is secured for your wedding only, and I do not offer your date to any other couple, so I have to show them to another photographer.

Will you be the photographer on our wedding day?

Yes I will ūüôā I do not outsource my weddings

Do you use a second photographer during weddings?

It is package dependent, but in the majority I shoot alone with an assistant.

When would a second photographer be advised?

When you have a wedding that consists of 150 guests or more, and even then it depends if youd like another photographer.

How or when would you advise we go for a meeting?

I love coffee but more so wine!… not only do we have a great time chatting about your wedding, but it allows us to see if we would work well together.

As Im booked a year to 2 years in advanced, I would advise to meet me as soon as possible.

I live abroad, I wont be able to meet you in person, is this a problem?

Not at all, most of my clients live in different states/countries. In todays age, everything is done online and is very easy, from meetings to sending photographs to one another etc. But if you feel youd like to meet we can always setup a skype meeting.

Oh no! Im already booked for another wedding on your day, what now?

That is unfortunate, But, not to worry; I have a lot of friends who also specialize in wedding photography. I can point you into the right direction..

Do you travel?

Thats the best part of photography, I can do it any where in the world, and my business is set up to cater for international clients as wel. Please enquire about rates.

Can I make changes or add additional items to the price list packages?

Yes, all of my packages are not set in stone, and can be taylor made to your requirements

Do I get high resolution images:

You will receive a disk that includes a selection of high-resolution edited images (number depending on package). As well as all of the unedited images on disc.

Do you only do wedding photography?

No, I also do some commercial photography, photographing porttrait/lifestyle and product, but Weddings is my speciality. Have a look at my commercial portfolio

Anything I can do to ensure good photographs?

Firstly: You need to be yourself and enjoy the day! Everyone says the day goes by fast…Believe them! Its one of the fastest days ever! So enjoy ever moment of it, and show it.

Secondly ensure good light, The most important thing for photographers is light! Meaning when choosing the venue/location for getting ready, make sure there is a lot of good light coming into the room. i have found Guest houses and Hotel rooms are normally the best, white walls are a huge favorite.

For reception, please try not to use only candle light, its a great mood, I know, but for photography it can be a nightmare. Try placing some extra light sources such as fairy lights, ambient lighting and so on to give more light…keep in mind…

More light = Better photos


Whats in the bag?

I only use professional gear, which does not fail in the moment, due to the high-pace which weddings are, one cannot skip on professional gear. Have a look at what I have in my bag: WHATS IN THE BAG

Which lens is your favorite?

I must say my all time favorite lens is the Canon 85mm 1.4. It is light, compact, gives great depth of field, and most importantly is pin sharp! A must in every camera bag.

Natural light or Strobes?

I am what they call a mixed shooter, I utilize natural light most of the time, but when the opportunity arises I use my strobes/studio lights to create my images.

Do you shoot JPEG or RAW

I always shoot raw. It gives me the option of tweaking the photographs a little in post.

REMEMBER: Don’t ever rely on fixing it in post. Shoot to have everything perfect out of camera. (a little something I learned from shooting on film)

Do you give Critique sessions

Without the help of the photographers and mentors in my life, I would never have built the business I have today. And its through this which I feel strong about giving back to the community. If youd like my input in your photographs please get in contact with me CONTACT

Film or Digital?

Im a big fan of film photography, theres something about the feel of your photograph afterwards which can never be replicated in digital. (After all this is where I have started, in the darkroom with the red light and all the chemicals developing my own photographs.


Digital photography is the way to go when choosing a camera, its cheaper, more accessible, and you can review your photographs directly after shooting them, which makes great for multitude of things.

Would you buy second hand equipment?

To be honest, I have never bought anything I would use directly with my camera second hand. only accessories. Reason being I don’t want my equipment to have any defects while Im shooting (also very important to test the gear before any shoot properly). Therefore I would strongly suggest to buy new.

If you are considering buying equipment second hand, buy from a reputable dealer, or a fellow photographer who has a great reputation.Talk to Orms as they have a second-hand department, and is very reliable.

To study or not for Photography?

I strongly recommend to study. Though you will hear a lot of controversy within this question, I feel it is very important to have an education in photography behind your name. Not only do you learn about the basics of photography, but you learn about the elements of what makes a great photo not only on the surface, but deeper also, which gives more meaning to a photograph.

Now Im not saying that making a career out of photography by not studying, will not work. But your understanding would be much more intense than someone who hasn’t studied.

Remember practice makes perfect, and thus learning from other photographers who is already established is key to become great.

Do you hire assistants? & How do I become your assistant?

I love sharing my knowledge to others, and would love to share it with you. If you would like to apply for an amazing assistant position please contact me on info@danielwest.photo with:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Cellphone number
  • Experience
  • Portfolio (not required but is beneficial).

How much time would you need?

For the Best results I need the following:

  • Detail¬†shots: 1hr
  • Getting ready: 1hr – 2 hrs
  • Ceremony: 30min – 1 hr
  • Group shots: 20min – 30min
  • Couple shoot: 1 hour +
  • Reception:¬†Depends on you

My Makeup and hair is being done somewhere other than the venue

Please inform me prior to the date, as we only concentrate on shooting at the venue, and need to discuss and arrange travel..

Do you do Table shots?

No I dont. I concentrate more on the natural beauty of the wedding, leaving people in their comfort zone, and capturing that. As my style is quite unique I do not like to be in the limelight, as the day is all about the Bride and Groom.

Should we feed you?

Yes please , being on my feet most of the time does require me to regain my energy. The more energy, the more photographs. Water also a big welcome.

Should we seat you at a table?

Its not that important to me, as I’m generally more on my feet than at a table, however I did once sit with the bride and groom. it was a fun experience. But I do not mind sitting with the DJ. as long as every once and a while I can relax my feet a bit.

What happens when it rains?

A little rain never hurt anyone ūüôā Thats why it is important to have a professional photographer for the day with Professional gear. We use umbrellas, or for the daring brides, do a little bit of a Trash the dress session…I joke! We make a plan to capture some amazing photographs

We are thinking of doing our wedding in a garden / Townhouse...

If you are planning your wedding at home please mention this when requesting a quote. I would like to view the location prior to agreeing to cover the wedding.