by Daniel West

The year 2017 was probably the year that flew by to fastest ever! An absolutely amazing year, Ive met so many amazing people, couples, families, friends and experienced so much love, support and great adventures. Its sad to say goodbye to 2017, as it feels like there was so much more that we should’ve experienced. but in essence, great friendships were formed.

Looking back at 2017; Ive won my first ever Fearless and ISPWP award! Was awarded with the Bronze medal for Top South African Wedding Photographer by Admired in Africa 2017. With an astonishing 12 sub category awards; Bridal Portrait, Groom Portrait, Ceremony, Couple shots, After the wedding, Detail and others. a few WPS Awards, few SLR Lounge Awards, and also receiving a bronze in the One Eyeland Wedding Photographer of the year awards, placing 1st in South Africa. I was also featured a total of about printed 5 publications, including Delux Magazine, Real Brides and in Rooi Rose. More can be seen on my AWARDS Page

I was also fortunate to have amazing assistants by my side, and am proud to have been able to teach them some amazing insight, Thank you Zanri du Plooy, Leandra van der Walt, JJ van Vuuren and Shanei Nel for listening to my stories, and sticking through, and working hard those rough and hard times.

I would love to share with you some highlight moments of 2017 with you, of some of the best Wedding photographs/moments Ive experienced.

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